Blind Rocks (2074)

130 mins Release Date: 2074-11-18

Director: Milan Chams

Writers: Yam Thapa , Suman Upreti

Casts: Gauri Malla , Arpan Thapa , Benisha Hamal

The movie is based on the real life of visually impaired girl Sristi KC, who is an inspiring icon for Nepali youths through her motivational speech. The biopic depicts the roller coaster life of Miss KC, who lost her eye sight and conflict arises. Her struggle begins with the real world, society, psychology, love, internal and external dimensions. Benisha Hamal is essaying the role of KC as female protagonist. Gauri Malla playing in as mother and Arpan Thapa being portraying as her love interests. The bottom line of the movie is how the visually impaired world can look the world through its sense and philosophy.


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