Aaryan Sigdel

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Aaryan Sigdel (Nepali आर्यन सिग्देल Born as Harish Sigdel on 5 August 1984) is a Nepali film actor who has appeared in Nepali language films. He is known for his good looks and spontaneous acting.Born to a Hindu priest family in Dhunche of Rasuwa he is the elder son of Ramchandra Sigdel and Sharada ... see full bio >>>

Born On: Shrawan 21

Official Nepali Name: आर्यन सिग्देल



Date Title Awarded In Name
2065-03-16 National Film Award Best Actor (Male) Mausam
2067-09-16 D-Cine Awards Best Actor (Male) Kohi Mero
2068-05-28 D-Cine Awards Best Actor (Male) Kasle Choryo Mero Man
2067-03-16 National Film Award Best Actor (Male) Kohi Mero
2072-09-06 D-Cine Awards Best Actor (Male) November Rain