Suraj Singh Thakuri


Suraj Singh Thakuri is a Nepali presenter, director and producer. He is by far known as the presenter of the longest running Nepali talk show Call Kantipur which airs everyday on Kantipur Television. He has also directed many Music Videos and has also acted in some of them. Call Kantipur was the first show that made him recog...See Full


Filmography Lists

Movie Name Release Date(BS)
Karkas 2070-2-31
Nai Nabhannu La 2 2070-12-28
Khudkilo 2070-12-1
Junge 2071-9-3
Nai Nabhannu La 3 2071-12-27
Super Gorkhe 2076-4-10
Khudkilo 2073-3-25


Date Title Awarded In Name