Dinesh Raut


Dinesh Raut is a director and lyricist of the Nepali film industry. He is known for his creative style in filmmaking and widely praised for his versatility as a songwriter. Raut belongs to the club of young filmmakers who are changing the cinema landscape in Nepal by abandoning the outdated approach of yesterday and introducing newer methods ...See Full


Filmography Lists

Movie Name Release Date(BS)
I Am Sorry 2068-10-27
Barood 2064-3-4
November Rain 2071-1-12
Naaike 2071-8-19
Classic 2072-10-29
Parva 2074-2-12
Happy Days 2074-12-16
Bhairavi 2074-7-25
Mero Love Story 2068-6-16
Sourya 2070-8-28
Prasad 2074-12-27
Bir Bikram 2073-5-2
Romeo and Muna 2074-11-11
Parsad 2075-8-21
Mero Euta Saathi Cha 2066-11-6


Date Title Awarded In Name